Scheduling Services

A micro-post about a micro-framework. Schedule (possibly repeating) events for some time in the future, along with restoration support. An NSNotification-based scheduling service in Swift.

iOS to macOS – A Developers Journey

Having had a fair amount of experience across both iOS and macOS, I wanted to write a followup piece to the latest Stacktrace podcast, to cover some of the deeper issues that I feel prevent a lot of developers taking the plunge.

Code Review with Git Worktree

You're in the middle of a refactoring session, code review, or otherwise unable to commit and you need to checkout another branch? Use a Git Worktree to leave your current changes undisturbed. 

View Descriptors

When building our apps, its fairly well known that passage models into our views leads to bad things. I’d like to suggest a scalable and testable solution I'm calling View Descriptors.

Peek... behind the curtains

I discuss the marketing approach I took with Peek's 5th release, as well as share some statistics on its success.